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          In 1995, Dan Cook (Owner/Member of Cook and Sons) with his father, and their spouses, began Cook and Sons Construction with a small road project on Slate Creek in Idaho County. With his parents now retired, Dan and Lynn oversee the company operations together; as well as with their son and daughter-in-law, Brandon and Jessica. Dan was born and raised in Idaho County and has lived on Deer Creek outside of White Bird for 26 years with his wife Lynn and their children. 

Having a family owned and operated company for 22+ years exemplifies their dedication to success.



     The safety of our employees and all personnel on the jobsite is our First Priority. Employees are trained annually on First-aid, CPR and emergency procedures. Hard hats, safety vests, gloves and safety tee-shirts are standard issue for our crew members. Weekly “Toolbox” meetings are conducted on the jobsite with attendance documented. In 2016 we trained all Foreman & Supervisors in OSHA Competent Person Trenching & Excavation. Most employees have their OSHA 10 Hour certifications and our Company Policy complies with OSHA Standards 1910 & 1926.

Cook and Sons Construction, LLC is a licensed, bonded, insured partnership company, and an equal opportunity employer



Customer Satisfaction is consistently accomplished at the highest degree possible. Reflection of this capacity is seen within our past performance and references. We have never completed a contract by performance bond, nor have we encountered any compliance issues on our contracts.